Cinema Paradiso

Cinema ParadisoIn the Spring of 1998, FLIFF contacted ArtServe regarding The Vinnette Carroll Theatre.  ArtServe was the County™s agent (the County owns the building) and was responsible for its governance.  The Vinnette Carroll Repertory Company (VCR) was the sole tenant, yet they had fallen upon hard times and were unable to open the doors to the public on a regular basis.  On top of that, the building was grossly out of compliance.
A deal was struck between the County, VCR and The Film Society to name both organizations as co-tenants.   This remained in effect until 2002 when Ms. Carroll passed away, leaving The Film Society as the sole tenant.  With that, the structure (which will always have Vinette Carroll Theatre on its facade) was renamed to Cinema Paradiso (CP). A Cultural Facilities Grant to the Florida Arts Council in 2002 was successful and enabled The Film Society to completely renovate the interior of the building.  The three-quarter horseshoe stage was changed to a more proscenium look.  Two hundred plush velvet seats were purchased in Paris and shipped to CP.  The royal blue velvet seats with the names of seat sponsors embroidered in gold, instantly added a much needed panache to the interior.


Cinema ParadisoIn 2007, The Millennium Club was established with its sole purpose to raise funds to enhance Cinema Paradiso.  The Club has been responsible for bricking the Courtyard, erecting three large canopies, purchasing new exterior signage and a marquee, renovating the bathrooms, a new screen and sound system and more.

Today, the 230 seat stadium cinema is open 365 days a year with the ability to project in DCP + DCP 3D, 35mm, 16mm, HDCam, Digi-Beta, BetaSP,and DVD.  Our Cafe has three full bars serving wine, beer, mixed drinks as well as soft dinks, coffee and concession candy and popcorn.  Another huge advantage is the availability of free parking immediately across the street.
And if thats not enough ...keep your eyes open for Cinema Paradiso-Hollywood scheduled to open June 2013.

Basic Theater Rental Rates
Download Cinema Paradiso Theater Rental Application
0-3 hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday $600

Thursday, Sunday $700 Friday, Saturday $1000

(Each Hour (or portion of an hour) over 3 hours will be pro-rated based on the above rates)

Basic Courtyard Rental Rates
0-3 hours Weekdays prior to 4:00 PM $300 (limited parking available) Weekdays after 4:00 PM $400 
Weekends (including Friday night) $500 (Each Hour (or portion of an hour) over 3 hours charged at $100 Per Hour)
The following is included in the basic rental fee for the theater (Basic Rental Package) :
Use of: 
Lobby Area
Dressing Rooms
One House Manager and House Staff
Public Restrooms 
2 hours tech support (during show) 
Basic Courtyard Package 
Use of upright piano (tuning/ moving not included) 
Standard Podium/music stand
Clear Comm 4 Station Communication 
Use of Standard Projector & Screen (additional fees may apply) 
(renter supplies headphones & mics)
Use of Standard Sound & Light Package (additional fees may apply)

Cinema ParadisoThe following is included in the basic rental fee for the courtyard (Basic Courtyard Package):
Resin tables and chairs for 48 (12 tables w/4 chairs each) 
One house Manager and House Staff 
Lobby Area 
Public Restrooms 
Electricity (60 amps/29 outlets) 
2 - (two) 6 ft. work tables 
Outside Bar (One Bartender) 
One hour custodial/additional hours @ $75/hr. 

Cinema Paradiso will provide the concession stand and staff during events (serving beer, wine, sodas, water, popcorn, candy, etc.) and will keep all revenues for such. No Outside Alcohol, or Other Drinks Allowed.

STANDARD PROJECTOR & SCREEN (included in all theater rentals):

LCD Video/Data Projector Sanyo XF-40 (7,000 lumens; included for film screenings only) 
PowerPoint Slide Show Projector 
35 mm film projector 
25' X 17' White Front Projection Screen

STANDARD SOUND & LIGHT PACKAGE (included in all theater rentals):
Standard Sound & Light Package (Includes 8 Ellipsoidal, Lighting Control Board, Standard 16 Channel Console, CD player (Single CD), 1 Wired Microphone, standard podium/music stand, House Amplifiers, and House Speakers)

Wired Microphone w/stand $35 
Courtyard Projector and Screen $250 
Courtyard PA System (2 speakers, 2 mics on stands, mixer, DVD/CD deck) $250 
UHF Wireless Microphone $50 
Microphone Stand(s) $10 
Powered Monitor Speaker w/Stand $100 
8 Channel Mixing Console $50

LIGHTING (Lighting is rented "as is", renter supplies Gel Packs, lamps, etc. as needed):  
Follow Spots (2 units available) $40 each; $35 per hour per person operator fee 

High-Top Tables $10 each 
Disco Ball $125 
Red Carpet $175 
Additional Tables and Chairs in Courtyard $15 for each additional table with four chairs 
Additional 6" Work Tables $10 each
Excessive Garbage/Trash Our Cost for Additional Pickup

$125 per hour for theater; $35 per hour tech fee

10% service fee for credit card sales; 5% service fee for cash sales

Cash Bar:
Cinema Paradiso offers a selection of beer, wine, spirits, bottled water, soft drinks, and juices available through our Concession Area.
Drink Tickets (for groups of forty or more patrons):
Cinema Paradiso will provide the client with drink tickets if that option is desired. The client will need to notify Cinema Paradiso as to how many guests will be attending and how many drink tickets per guest will be issued. The client will be responsible for distributing drink tickets. Drink Ticket costs must be paid in advance prior to the start of the event.

Mixed Drinks: $5 per ticket for house brands / $7 per ticket for premium brands

Beer/Wine: $4 per ticket for domestic / $5 per ticket for imported

Soda/Water/Juice: $2 per ticket

Additional Bartender Fee: $100 per bar

Open Bar: 
The client will notify Cinema Paradiso as to how many guests will be attending; bracelets will be issued and cost will be determined by the number of bracelets distributed. The client will be responsible for distributing the bracelets. Open bar costs must be paid in advance prior to the start of the event.

Open Bar Prices =” Top Shelf Package (imported and domestic beer, full wine menu, Grey Goose, Johnnie Walker Red, Makers Mark, etc.):
1 hour $20 per person 
2 hour $30 per person 
3 hour $40 per person 
4 hour $50 per person

Open Bar Prices -Premium Package (imported and domestic beer, select wines, Stoli, Absolut, Jack Daniels, etc.): 
1 hour $13 per person 
2 hour $20 per person 
3 hour $26 per person 
4 hour $32 per person

Open Bar Prices -” Standard Package (domestic beer, house wines and house liquors): 
1 hour $11 per person 
2 hour $17 per person 
3 hour $22 per person 
4 hour $28 per person

Additional Open Bar Fee: $100 bartender fee per bar

All Rental clients must provide a Certificate of Insurance with current comprehensive General Liability Coverage in the amount of $1 million. The "Broward County Film Society Inc. /Cinema Paradiso, 503 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301" will be named as an "additional insured" for the date of the event. Certificate must be filed with the Cinema Paradiso office at least 14 days prior to the event.

In the event the rental client does not have insurance, the client must purchase a Tenant-User Liability Insurance Policy (T.U.L.I.P.).  You can purchase the necessary insurance through One Beacon Entertainment. Their web site link is

To identify Cinema Paradiso you will need to enter our facility code which is "2964-000", complete the insurance survey to receive your quote, and purchase the policy. Payments can be made via credit card or through your checking account. After your transaction is completed, please print out your proof of insurance and either fax or hand-deliver same to our office at least 14 days prior to your event.

Without insurance you can not rent our facility and any deposit you have made is subject to our cancellation policy.

All rentals are subject to sales tax unless the rental client provides Cinema Paradiso with a State of Florida Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

Cinema Paradiso can provide catering referrals upon request. Caterers must be licensed and insured and provide proof of that to Cinema Paradiso.

Cleaning and Damage Deposit - $75.00 - $300 
A cleaning fee may be applied to your deposit, this amount may be refunded at end of rental. (In order to have the cleaning fee refunded, the lobby, restrooms, stage, house, booth, stage left and right wings, dressing rooms/restrooms, and cast rooms must be thoroughly cleaned, vacuumed, and mopped) All trash must be removed from inside the theatre into appropriate city trash receptacles.

Bulk Item Removal Deposit - $250 
Mandatory for all production rentals when there will be constructed sets and/or props

Electrical Equipment Deposit - $100 
Needed in the event that lamps, cables, screens, etc. are not returned to their original positions and settings after your event.

Download Cinema Paradiso Theater Rental Application