In North Louisiana, where everyone and everything appears to be 30 years in the past, lives Sue, a small-town bartender. There are two distinctive classes in this town: the rich side and the poor side (where Sue falls). Between keeping her younger brother Jacob housed and fed, and running the family business that’s treading in quicksand, Sue has not a moment to spare.


We meet Sue on the morning of more bad news about her drunken father, Gary. To complicate things further, her high school sweetheart, Mark, comes back to town after seven years with a Princeton degree and high hopes of a new future with Sue.  His dad, Jeb, a highly respected businessman in the area.


From that point on, it is a wild coaster ride.  Hang on!


Director: Nationally acclaimed muralist and painter, and producer of the Oscar-qualifying short film THE STAND, Matthew Yerby has spent his life as a visual artist. Growing up in small-town Natchitoches, Louisiana, Matthew made a vow to transfer his artistic vision to the screen, and bring his hometown a film that encapsulates the charm and grit that locals have known for generations.

After years of storyboarding and screenplay development, and with overwhelming support from the local community, Matthew brings us a heartfelt tale based on the raw truths of what life is like in the rural South.




DIRECTOR(S): Matthew Yerby
SCREENWRITER(S): Matthew Yerby
PRODUCER(S): Andrew Vogel, Suzann Toni Petrongolo, Matthew Yerby, Todd Slater
CAST: Willa Holland, Shane West, Wayne Péré, Dermot Mulroney, Andrew Vogel, Suzann Toni Petrongolo, Laura Cayouette, Gissette Valentin, Mike Manning, Caleb Quinney


FLIFF: Gateway Cinema

Nov 08

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