Retro Movie Night

July 26th

Join us for our monthly retro film night!

Starting at 9PM, enjoy themed drink specials and browse local vendors before the film begins. Test your knowledge with movie trivia, hosted by Backseat Entertainment, just before the screening. The winner will receive 2 FREE movie tickets, courtesy of Savor Cinema! 

The film starts at 10ish

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Next Screening August 3rd

Pre-film cocktails begin at 11pm | Film at 11:45pm

Imagine, you walk into a normal movie theater. Someone offers you a prop bag, you buy one and sit down. Soon after a Host comes on stage and begins a preshow. Audience is participating in all the madness as you sit there amazed at what you are witnessing. Soon the host tells you to scream out profanities at the screen as the movie begins. Live actors jump onstage and perform the movie while the audience participates by yelling out hilarious and sometimes vulgar lines and also using props when the time is right. Such as throwing rice amongst the audience during the wedding scene or snapping a glove like the main character when he does it. This show is amazing and everyone should experience it at least once!


Meet the Shadow Faithful Handymen