Miami-Dade / 2023 / 93 min / English & Spanish with English subtitles / Drama

Teenage years can be particularly harrowing.  Kids from broken families have even more stress to negotiate. Katherine and Monica, two Cuban-American sisters living in 1990s Miami, deal with the trials and tribulations of growing up.

Manuel Delgadillo has written a script that is a significant slice of life, capturing the hopes, fears and insecurities of kids experiencing peer pressure, school, traumatic homelife and simply existing.  Kudos to his young cast for bringing his words to life in such an honest, not always flattering fashion.

Director, Writer: Manuel Delgadillo / Producers: Mabel Leyva, Daniel Lago, David Liz  / Cinematography & Editor: Daniel Lago / Cast: Amelia Gonzalez, Charlotte Delgado, Mabel Leyva, Kyran Wright, Sofia Salgado /

DIRECTOR: Manuel Delgadillo was born and raised in Miami, FL, the son of Cuban and Colombian immigrants. His previous credits include the feature film The Welder (which he co-wrote and produced) and the short film “Burden.” His favorite films include Ugetsu, Persona, Dazed and Confused, and Brighter Summer Day.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: High school was a battle for me; having been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of 12, I was always surrounded with the notion that I was somehow “different.” I could never deeply connect with my peers, afraid of being seen as awkward. I was seeing friends starting romantic relationships and hosting parties, while I was stuck in my bedroom making videos.

One morning, during my junior year of high school in Florida, I was riding to school in a depressive haze, earphones plugged, when I suddenly pictured a scene from a film with this exact concept. I instantly thought to myself: “I could make something really special out of this!”  I was tired of seeing modern-day coming-of-age films made by much older directors with no knowledge of my current generation. I also knew it was possible to make a heartfelt coming-of-age drama with a low budget, which further compelled me in wanting to make the film as soon as possible.

I spent the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic writing the script, loosely based on experiences I’d had in high school. I then spent another year pitching it to everyone and anyone I could find with even the slightest connection to the film industry, with little to no success. Then, through complete coincidence, I bumped into a series of producers through mutual connections. Those connections eventually snowballed, and I suddenly found myself in the director’s chair within less than a year.

In writing The Midway Point, I explored themes of loneliness and alienation, both being important themes within the digital age, and something which I felt was underrepresented in stories featuring Generation Z. So much of our generation is surrounded by a constant sea of noise, disruption, and mistrust of the world, that I felt compelled to make a story featuring characters who, despite all the odds, find a way out into a better world.

Contact: mannydel1985@yahoo.com

Special Guests: Manuel Delgadillo, Cast & Crew

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DIRECTOR(S): Manuel Delgadillo
SCREENWRITER(S): Manuel Delgadillo
PRODUCER(S): Mabel Leyva, Daniel Lago, David Liz
CAST: AmeliaAmelia Gonzalez, Charlotte Delgado, Mabel Leyva, Kyran Wright, Sofia Salgado

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