Melora Harden will be our special guest at all screenings



After an unhinged stage crash at a 1967 awards show, faded movie star Mabel Montgomery-Mayflower flees and barricades herself in her mansion to tape-record her life story. In a solo tour-de-force, Melora Hardin (NBC’s THE OFFICE) powerfully and painfully embodies the end product of Hollywood’s use-them-up and spit-them-out machinery. Drunk and alone, GOLDEN VANITY is Ms. Montgomery-Mayflower’s last chance to preserve her horrifying, hilarious and unreliable truth – one last shot to relive the glory days, before it’s too late.


Melora Hardin returns to FLIFF with this biting, bitchy, solo show.  Granted, on THE OFFICE, her character was hysterically funny with an edge, but that edge finds even more bravado in this piece.  She is Norma Desmond uncorked!  Max Abram does an excellent job of moving the monster of Mabel Montgomery-Mayflower along briskly.


This is Max Abrams Feature Film directorial debut.


Special Guest: Melora Hardin





DIRECTOR(S): Max Abram
SCREENWRITER(S): Max Abram, Taylor Minas
PRODUCER(S): Max Abram, Taylor Minas, Nicole Ettinger
CAST: Melora Hardin

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