IF (2024)

A young girl named Bea, who has been going through a troubling experience in her life, unexpectedly gains the ability to see people’s imaginary friends (referred to as “IFs” for short) who have been abandoned by the kids they helped. Bea then discovers that her neighbor, Cal, has the same ability. Together they join forces to reunite the IFs with their former kids.

Steve Carell as Blue, a purple furry creature who was Jeremy’s childhood imaginary friend
Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Blossom, a humanoid butterfly who was Margaret’s childhood imaginary friend
Louis Gossett Jr. as Lewis, a bear
Emily Blunt as Unicorn
Matt Damon as Sunny, a flower
Maya Rudolph as Ally, an alligator
Jon Stewart as Robot
Sam Rockwell as Guardian Dog
Sebastian Maniscalco as Magician Mouse
Christopher Meloni as Cosmo
Richard Jenkins as Art Teacher, an animation figure
Awkwafina as Bubble
John Krasinski as Marshmallow Man
Blake Lively as Octopuss
George Clooney as Spaceman, an astronaut
Matthew Rhys as Ghost
Bradley Cooper as Ice, a glass of ice water
Amy Schumer as Gummy Bear
Keegan-Michael Key as Slime, a green blob
Vince Vaughn

The Downtown Hollywood streetscaping project is in full swing in front of Cinema Paradiso.  But fear not movie goers!  There is plenty of parking nearby at the City of Hollywood parking garage.   The garage is a 3 minute walk to CPH and is located at 251 S. 20th Ave (between Van Buren and Harrison). 


DIRECTOR(S): John Krasinski
SCREENWRITER(S): John Krasinski
CAST: Cailey Fleming, Ryan Reynolds, Krasinski, Fiona Shaw, Alan Kim, and Liza Colón-Zayas

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