France-Italy / 2024 / 90 min / French & Italian with English subtitles / Comedy

Delphine teaches Latin in high school to a class of 5 lazy students. She made a deal with them at the start of the year: if they keep quiet, they’ll all receive A grades without having to learn anything. But this situation is threatened when her class is selected to represent France at the Latin World Championships in Naples…because of their exceptional grades!

To make things worse, the principal’s overzealous nephew is chosen to accompany her. To save the Latin section, and above all her comfortable situation, they have no other choice but to win the trophy.

But how can they win when they’ve never studied a word of Latin? Delphine sees
only one solution: cheating!

DIRECTOR: Émilie Noblet is known as a Director, Director of Photography, Screenplay, Dialogue, Writer, and Cinematography.  

Contact: Le Pacte

Special Guest: Emelie Noblet

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DIRECTOR(S): Émilie Noblet
SCREENWRITER(S): Clemence Dargent, Emelie Noblet
PRODUCER(S): Pascal Caucheteux (Why Not Productions), Bastien Daret (Topshot Films )
CAST: Xavier Lacaille, Noémie Lvovsky, Louise Bourgoin

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