FLIFF and the Native Reel Film Festival present this riveting documentary detailing the case of Mary Ellen Johnson-Davis, a Native American woman who disappeared in 2020. Her story exposes how hundreds of indigenous women continue to go missing in the USA, perpetuating trans-generational trauma on Indian reservations.

We are honored to welcome the esteemed Festival Director, Everett Osceola, and Assistant Director, Iretta Tiger, who will provide a short introduction before the screening. Their words will illuminate the cultural significance of this special occasion, enriching our understanding and appreciation of the featured film “Missing From Fire Trail Road.”

Everett Osceola
Seminole Tribal Member Everett Osceola serves as the Cultural Ambassador and Film Liaison for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. As President and Director of the Native Reel Cinema Festival, Mr. Osceola leads the first and only Native/Indigenous film festival in South Florida. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in creating a platform that celebrates and showcases Indigenous storytelling and perspectives.

Iretta Tiger
Seminole Tribal Member Iretta Tiger is an aspiring filmmaker and a passionate advocate for the arts. Miss Tiger has contributed significantly to the Tribe’s media landscape as a coordinator and editor for the Seminole Tribune and Seminole Broadcasting station, which has now evolved into Seminole Media Productions. Her dedication to promoting Indigenous voices through various media inspires and elevates the community.

Their insights and experiences promise to make this an unforgettable evening. 

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DIRECTOR(S): Sabrina Van Tassel

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