Venezuela / 2024 / 89 min / Spanish with English subtitles / Romantic Comedy

Get ready for an unforgettable experience where love and the anime world intertwine in “My Otaku Girlfriend”! An anonymous mangaka is discovered by a beautiful otaku influencer, and he must choose between finishing his manga with her or leaving everything behind for graduate studies abroad.

DIRECTOR: Edio Raven, a self-taught filmmaker from Venezuela, has been creating videos since his teenage years. With over ten years of experience, he excels in screenplay writing, directing, cinematography, and video editing, using programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Edio began studying law but shifted to filmmaking, moving to Caracas in 2017 to study Social Communications. His short film “First Love” won the DIRECTV FACIUNI BECAS, earning him a scholarship at USC. He returned to Venezuela to create impactful works like his short film “The Voyage”. His feature film “My Otaku Girlfriend” is set to premiere at major festivals in 2024.

DIRECTOR STATEMENT: “My Otaku Girlfriend” is my heartfelt tribute to anime, a genre I deeply love. This romantic story aims to convey a powerful message of self-acceptance. The film explores how we must embrace who we are, regardless of our flaws, and find someone who loves and accepts us as we are. Visually, I sought to create a vibrant, colorful world reminiscent of Makoto Shinkai’s films, making the audience feel as if they are watching an anime.

Creating this film in Venezuela, particularly in Caracas, presented significant challenges due to the underdeveloped film industry. Personally, I resonate with the protagonist’s insecurities and his journey towards self-acceptance and overcoming perfectionism, reflecting my own experiences. Through “My Otaku Girlfriend,” I aim to inspire viewers to embrace their true selves and find genuine acceptance.


Special Guest: Edio Raven

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DIRECTOR(S): Edio Raven
PRODUCER(S): Anderson Acosta
CAST: Miguelángel Hidalgo, Karla Vieira, Frank Coello, Kelliens Subotic

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