Special Guest: Cinder Chou, a reception follows the Friday screening at Savor Cinema


Juniper, an insecure martial artist, must find out the origins of a painting after two thieves try to steal it from her.


This fun, suspenseful, clever film is a delight.  Chou’s script is fresh and inventive.  She cast a talented group led by Kerry Lacy and Sonia Mena in the leads.  The supporting ensemble each hold up their end as well.  The movie reminds me of one of my very favorite films, Stanley Donen’s CHARADE, starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.  Unlike that classic, Chou wrote it as well.  


Director: Cinder Chou is a Taiwanese American writer director originally from the oft maligned state of New Jersey and currently resides in Brooklyn. An early love for comic books turned into a passion for visual storytelling. Her work explores themes of otherness and is imbued with a comedic and surreal style.   


After studying Visual Arts and Art History at Fordham University, Cinder entered the film world in New York, working as the production coordinator on acclaimed indie hits  THE BIG SICK and CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME?. She has taken this professional know-how to get her own films off the ground. 


Special Guest: Cinder Chou


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DIRECTOR(S): Cinder Chou
PRODUCER(S): Cinder Chou, Lauren LaMelle, Kerry Lacy
CAST: Kerry Lacy, Sonia Mena, Sam Jaikaran, Walker Hare, Daryl Lathon, Leander Suleiman, J Catlett


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