Lucia and Nacho set sail on a fabulous sailboat to celebrate their 20 years of marriage. The journey promises to be perfect, until a storm leaves them adrift. Alone and with no escape on the high seas, they will be forced to wonder why they are still together.


Director: Luciano studied media at Universidad de Buenos Aires, and moved on to study film. He also took courses on film direction and studied copywriting at the Argentine Advertising Association.   He has received awards from the best well-known festivals in the world: Cannes, San Sebastian, among others. In 2005 he was part of the Saatchi & Saatchi new director’s showcase, in Cannes. In March  2023,  his feature film  ASFIXIADOS was released in cinemas in Argentina and Uruguay.


Special Guest: Luciano Podcaminsky



DIRECTOR(S): Luciano Podcaminsky
PRODUCER(S): Ana Figueroa, Jose Carmona, Pedro Loeb
CAST: Estibaliz Cabrales, Paula Quintana, Paco Selpuveda, Fernando Cueto


Savor Cinema

Nov 04

Cinema Paradiso

Nov 05

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