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BLACK UNIFORM features the voices of 12 Black veterans, serving within the ranges of WWII to present day (including the now 103-year-old Romay Davis, one of the very few surviving members of the only Black female battalion sent overseas during World War II, the 6888; and former Congressman Charles Rangel, who received the Purple Heart for his sacrifice during the Korean War), to speak on why they chose to enter the military and what they’ve given to their country. This film shares their heartfelt perspectives on what it felt like to be on the proverbial front lines as a Black man or woman in the U.S. military – covering the period when the military was still segregated; addressing whether they voluntarily enlisted for action or were called to duty by a draft; highlighting the nation’s shifting views on those who serve; and tackling the unique and additional challenges that women in the military face when they enlist.


Many veterans find themselves confronting one of the largest and longest wars taking place right in their homeland – racism. This reverent documentary feature cherishes the hard-fought glories of those in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Beyond the call of duty, many of these veterans have overcome the challenges of their military experience and found a way to contribute to the good of others through an ongoing life of service.


Director: Robert Darwell is an acclaimed entertainment lawyer with a global practice. Over the course of his career, he is proud to have worked on such films as “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Lord of War”, “Brokeback Mountain” and “A Hidden Life”.

In 2022, Darwell’s first documentary, “The 90s Club” (featuring interviews with a dozen men and women in their 90s) screened at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival before going on to screen at approximately 20 other festivals and winning several awards.


Special Guest: Robert Darwell


Free Admission in honor of Veteran’s Day.  A Hot Dog Cookout in the Courtyard begins at 11:30am.


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DIRECTOR(S): Robert Darwell
PRODUCER(S): Robert Darwell, Rose Burbank, and Sheri Ward
CAST: Rep. Charles Rangel, Romay Davis


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