Exclusive Charity Screening “Life to the Limit”

Ukrainian Films USA invites you to a charity screening of the film “Life to the Limit” and a Q&A with a special guest and the director of the film!

Roman Grybov, a marine, will be the special guest.

Roman Grybov, is the marine who, together with his comrades, in one moment managed to embody the spirit of indomitability and loyalty of Ukraine, putting all this into one simple sentence during the response to the “Russian warship” on Zmiiny Island.

A short phrase that was quoted on almost all political platforms in the world became a brand and an unofficial national idea of Ukraine.

“Life to the Limit” – This is the first and so far the only film that covers the entire period of the Russian-Ukrainian war – from 2014 to the present.

Its authors are Ukrainian veterans Pavlo Peleshok (director) and Yurii Ivanyshyn (producer), whose previous film “Winter on Fire” was nominated for an Oscar in 2016.

Fundraising will be done through ticket sales and auctions with unique lots from a special guest! All funds will be sent to the Revived Soldiers Ukraine (USA) Charitable Fund, which deals with prosthetics and rehabilitation of Ukrainian veterans in the USA!

The event is supported by Embassy of Ukraine in the USA

Join to this important mission!

Age: 14+

Language: Ukrainian language with English subtitles


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