Film-maker Season 6 Screening and Talk Back

Join South Florida PBS on Thursday, June 13 2024 at 7:00 PM at Savor Cinema for an exciting evening of film screenings and discussions with talented filmmakers. The event will open with a pre-screening cocktail reception complete with live music and a fun photobooth activation.

They will be screening a highlights reel of all nine of our season 6 winning films followed by a talk-back with our filmmakers hosted by Melissa Harmon. Join us for an exciting evening of cinema and culture . See you there!

The winning films of season 6 of film-maker include –

Narrative Films:

After Mountains – TV G Director, Julie Peley
Save The Flea – TV-14 or TV MA Director, Michael J. Ruiz-Unger
#Ladyfinger – TV-14 or TV-MA Director, Andres Irias
Awake Before Dawn – TV G Director, Jose Navas
Rosamaria – TV G Director, Olivia Sanche

Documentary Films:

Gearheads – TV G Director, Dan Abrusci Monarcas – TV G Director, Diana Larrea
Village Free(dge) – TV G Director, Alicia Edwards
Open Dialogues: Queer Allies – TV-14 or TV MA Directors, Freddy Rodriguez & Jeff Rusnak

Film-maker Season 6 is brought to you by Friends of South Florida PBS.


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