International Ocean Film Festival

Enjoy ocean-inspired films, a special presentation, raffle and silent auction to support the Guy Harvey Foundation’s education and outreach efforts in Broward County. Help raise funds to provide Broward County students with hands-on STEAM experience.


Shark Researchers: A New Approach to Shark
Conservation U.S. Premiere
Arnau Argemi González | Spain

How can we convert Belizean fishermen, who have long relied on shark fishing for their livelihoods, into advocates for shark conservation? This film presents a transformative opportunity, introducing alternative livelihoods benefitting both the sharks and the local communities.

Disappearing Jewels
Will Kim | USA

Stories, teachings—and warnings–about the health of our ocean come to life in vivid colors and animation, tracing interviews with three ocean and climate experts. Framed by the filmmaker’s memories of his grandfather, this film is a bejeweled visual and sensory delight that translates seamlessly across facts, stories, emotions, and pure aesthetic joy.

The Granny Grommets
U.S. Premiere
Leah Rustomjee | Australia

As young girls they missed out on the “Surfing Generation,” but it’s never too late, and this enthusiastic pod recently grabbed their boards and took to the waves, where they found a wonderful camaraderie–and horizontal surfing that’s easier on the legs.

Wild Hope – Return of the Manatees 
USA | 16 min

This concise, upbeat film captures the triumph of eelgrass restoration in Crystal River, Florida. The story unfolds as the community unites to safeguard manatees, which are threatened by invasive algae. A testament to grassroots efforts, this film inspires with creative solutions, that illustrate how everyone can make a difference in preserving ecosystems and protecting wildlife.

Konstantinus’ Legacy – Awakening the Love for Nature
Daniel Bichsel | Germany

Pause, take a deep breath, and walk along Konstantinus as he guides you through the lavish nature of Batanta Island, Indonesia. Let his passion and love for the environment inspire you. The natural world isn’t just a story to be told. It’s our home. It’s our shared world, worth dedicating one’s life to protect. Watch as Konstantinus does just that.


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