A group of celebrating friends make a pact with a demon to stay the night or someone loses their soul, only to find out the demons they are fighting might be the ones they carry inside.


Director: Jerry Sommer was born in San Francisco and raised in Miami, Florida. Jerry enlisted in the Air Force, after high school, where he was stationed in Montana, Texas and Saudi Arabia. Shortly after leaving the Air Force, Jerry became a Police Officer. While Jerry was on the Police Force he booked several Film, Television shows and commercials which led him to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. Jerry has been directing commercials and music videos for the past 10 years. iPossessed is his feature film directorial debut


Special Guests: All the filmmakers



DIRECTOR(S): Jerry Sommer & Carl Rimi
SCREENWRITER(S): Carl Rimi, Javier Mayol
PRODUCER(S): Carl Rimi, Javier Mayol
CAST: Carl Rimi, Chris Moss, Meghan Carrasquillo, Natalie Stavola, Tami Lee Boothby, Jerry Sommer, Jack Covington III, Noa Lindberg, Tina Pfeiffer, J, J, Crowne, Lilli Rose Littner, Kimberly Arendt


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