JEFF KOONS: A Private Portrait


This is not just a documentary but an amazing journey inside the mind of the most controversial artist of our time.  Jeff Koons is widely regarded as one of the most influential, popular and disputed artists of the last 30 years. This film will show the hidden mechanisms lying behind the person, the artist and the Koons brand. It’s an intimate exploration of Jeff Koon’s consciousness aiming to discover what motivates him and shapes his incomparable vision.


With exclusive access to the Koons family home in York, Pennsylvania, the documentary investigates Koons’ roots and everyday life, follows him to New York City to his vast studio where tens of painters, sculptors and graphic designers are based, and then on to Qatar and Europe, to the Greek island of Hydra during his 2021 five exhibitions tour.


Among the other works, the documentary shows Play Doh, Puppy, Balloon dog, Banality, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, Tulips, Lobster, Pink Panther, Bracelet, Cracked Egg, New Hoover Convertible…

Contributions Koons family members, curators, gallery owners, artists such as Julian Schnabel, will describe the world, the private life and the person that is Jeff Koons.


Director: Pappi Corsicato was born in Naples on June 12 1960. He studied architecture. In 1980 he moved to New York and studied dance and choreography at the Alvin Alley Dance School, acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts and then with Geraldine Baron, member of the Actor’s Studio. In 1989 worked as assistant director with Pedro Almodovar on the set of “Atame”(Tie me up tie me down). In 1992 Pappi shot his first movie “Libera” that was shown at the Berlin Film Festival in 1993, where it received national and international critical acclaim, as well as a resounding response from the public. 


Bonnie Clearwater, NSU Art Museum Director and Chief Curator will introduce the film.  From Nov 6 – 12, works of Koons will be on display.


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DIRECTOR(S): Pappi Corsicato
SCREENWRITER(S): Pappi Corsicato
PRODUCER(S): Franco Di Sarro


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