A woman becomes increasingly isolated and starts to unravel as a result.  College Co-ed Lexi is a bit of a loner.  Not one to be overly expressive, with airs of being aloof and dismissive.  Her single parent mom isn’t dependable but at least she is bubbly social.  


On a chance meeting, Lexi meets Connor.  Could this be Mr. Right?


Emi Curia shines as Lexi, revealing her insecurities and grapples for finding the strength she needs.  Krya Arendt, in her feature debut as director, writer and producer shows great promise as someone to keep an eye on.


Director: After graduating from the film program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2021, Kyra relocated to the southeast to launch a career in post-production. Leaning on previous experience as a reader for indie film companies, she spends her time between editing assignments pursuing her passion for screenwriting. Lexicon is Kyra’s first feature film.


Special Guest: Kyra Arendt



PRODUCER(S): Kyra Arendt
CAST: Emi Curia, J.D. Starnes, Fran Kravitz, Jonathan C. Stephens, Camri Copeland, Rhonda Mitchell


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