Lonesome Soldier

The War isn't over, it's just different

Based on a true story, Lonesome Soldier follows the life of Jackson Harlow, from young dreamer to haunted war veteran in this harrowing portrayal of PTSD and the effects it has, not only on those who serve, but also on their loved ones. Based on the book “Lonesome Soldier – The Long Road Home” by Linda Lee, Lonesome Soldier is directed by Nino Aldi and was co-written by Alexander Randazzo and award-winning documentarian Lionel Chetwynd. In addition to co-writing the screenplay, Randazzo also portrays Jackson Harlow, a young man from the heart of Tennessee who served in the war in Iraq.
Haunted by the vivid memories of war, Jackson’s homecoming proves to be a profound turning point in his life, as he discovers that the battle he faces is far from over; it’s just different. Rounding out the ensemble cast are John Ashton, Allison McAtee, Steve Monroe, Jesse James, Dion Earl, Flavia Watson, Leah Grosjean and Michael Southworth.

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DIRECTOR(S): Nino Aldi
SCREENWRITER(S): Lionel Chetwynd
CAST: John Ashton, Allison McAtee, Alexander Randazzo, Jesse James, Jamie Bernadette, Steve Monroe

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