Millie Lies Low

Fake it till you break it.

Millie, an architecture student from Wellington, New Zealand, has landed a competitive internship with a prestigious firm in New York. After telling everyone she knows about the opportunity, she suddenly suffers a panic attack as her plane is about to take off, and misses her flight. In a desperate pivot, Millie decides to save face by hiding in plain sight around Wellington, suitcase in tow, using Instagram and the power of denial to depict a trip to New York City that never happened. Trapped in a spiral of hilariously uncomfortable self-inflected scenarios, Millie will have to dig deep to restore her mental health and her dignity. Praised for capturing “the chaotic self-destruction of Fleabag and the anxious missteps of Eighth Grade,” (FilmDaze), Millie Lies Low is a poignant cringe comedy for our time.


DIRECTOR(S): Michelle Savill
SCREENWRITER(S): Michelle Savill, Eli Kent
PRODUCER(S): Desray Armstrong
CAST: Ana Scotney, Cohen Holloway, Chris Alosio, Alice May Connolly, Sam Cotton, Jillian Nguyen

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