Mom and Dad’s Nipple Factory

A Q&A with Justin Johnson, aka Justinsuperstar follows the film

In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Brian and Randi Johnson are your pretty typical conservative Christian family. With perhaps one exception: Brian is a serial entrepreneur inventing and inventing and inventing new gadgets, partly to make money and partly to satisfy his endless curiosity. But when Randi is diagnosed with breast cancer and endures a unilateral mastectomy, she is dissatisfied with the prosthetics available. So what is Brian to do but secretly create custom nipples for her that impresses even her cancer team. From there, a successful business is launched, with hardly anyone in the family, let alone their community, knowing, until one of the sons-in-law accidentally stumbles on a sample nipple where the towels were supposed to be. With this revelation, mom and dad opened up to their son, director Justinsuperstar, and the result is this charming and heartfelt documentary.


DIRECTOR(S): Justinsuperstar

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