My Name Is Eftihia

The HELLENIC CULTURAL SOCIETY OF SOUTH FLORIDA PRESENTS: EFTIHIA unfolds the hectic life and great work of lyricist Eftihia Papayanopoulou, whose talent enriched Greek music. The film draws inspiration from the passions and weaknesses of Eftihias’ exuberant personality, unconventional character, following her pioneer life and the indelible mark she inherited to Greek folk songwriting. Her unique personality was reflected in her lyrics that have become some of the greatest and most timeless hits, such as “Perasmenes mou agapes” and “Ime aitos horis ftera”.
“People know my songs but they don’t know me”- Eftihia

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Red carpet at 6:00pm

Movie at 6:45pm (123 min)

Reception sponsored by Souvlaki.Gr


DIRECTOR(S): Angelos Frantzis
SCREENWRITER(S): Katerina Bei, Rea Manelli
CAST: Kariofilia Karabeti, Katia Goulioni, Pigmalion Dadakaridis, Thanos Tokakis, Dina Michailidou

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