A feature length documentary about actor Vanessa Marquez, who was shot and killed in her home by police during a 90-minute-long wellness check. Marquez, who suffered from both physical and mental illnesses was best known for the television series ER, and her breakout role as Ana Delgado in the 1989 film Stand and Deliver. Her co-stars from this seminal film attempt to uncover the circumstances of the shooting, obtain the unavailable police body-worn camera footage, and seek justice on her behalf.    


Many of her castmates from STAND AND DELIVER remember Vanessa through stories accompanied by photographs and clips of her work.


Director: Cyndy Fujikawa is best known for the feature length documentary film, OLD MAN RIVER.  OLD MAN RIVER (1999) took on the topic of the internment of Japanese Americans well before many sources of information on the subject were available, and thus became one of the earlier documentaries on the topic.  Fujikawa directed and produced a follow up piece called DAY OF REMEMBRANCE which depicted various events in Japanese American communities in 2003, calling for vigilance and activism, as Arab and Muslim Americans were being registered, incarcerated, or were just disappearing as a result of the War on Terror.  DAY OF REMEMBRANCE won the Human Rights award in the 9th Annual Medial That Matters Film Festival in New York City.


Fujikawa has extensive production and finance experience over the past 30 years in television and feature films.  She holds an MFA in Theatre Arts from the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.  


Special Guest: Cyndy Fujikawa


Proceeds from this screening benefit United Way of Broward County. 




DIRECTOR(S): Cyndy Fujikawa
SCREENWRITER(S): Cyndy Fujikawa
PRODUCER(S): Cyndy Fujikawa
CAST: Vanessa Marquez, Daniel Villarreal, Lou Diamond Phillips, Patrick Baca, Will Gotay, Ingrid Oliu, Toni Livingston Hix


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