On the Circuit with Jon Fitzgerald


It’s common knowledge that the success of an indie film can be heavily influenced by whether or not a film has a successful festival run.  If your film makes even the tiniest of splashes, it can lead to distribution, sales, financing, representation, connections, and advancing your career.  Slamdance co-founder Jon Fitzgerald will share the keys to playing the right events and maximizing your film festival experience.


Bio: Jon has over 25 years of experience in independent films and film festivals.  As a Festival Director, and co-Founder of Slamdance, he has run several top tier festivals and has consulted on dozens more. He has produced award-winning documentaries via Cause Pictures and has led many independent film projects through the maze of festivals and hybrid distribution models.  Jon has also led acquisitions for several streaming platforms, and now curates movies and series for Cause Cinema, while leading On the Circuit for Substack.  He authored the leading social impact filmmaking book, “Filmmaking for Change: How to Make Movies that Transform the World”, and also teaches two popular web-based courses: Film Festival Mastery and Film Distribution Mastery.




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