An unlikely group of British lawyers with no humanitarian experience organize to bring used trucks to Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines of their war with Russia.


Director: Bobby Roth was born and raised in Los Angeles. He studied philosophy and creative writing at UC Berkeley before graduating with a BA in Cinema from USC in 1972. He went on to film school at UCLA, where he received his MFA in Motion Picture Production in 1975. Since then he has directed more than one hundred episodes of television, twenty-five TV movies, and thirteen feature films. He was a founding member of the Independent Feature Project and the first Co-Chairman of the DGA’s Independent Feature Committee. His films have won countless awards and have been exhibited in hundreds of international film festivals. He also teaches film seminars throughout the world. He still resides in Los Angeles, actively working in the entertainment industry.


Director Statement: When Russia illegally and unjustly invaded Ukraine, I wanted to help but didn’t initially know how to get involved. Then I heard that volunteers were needed to drive trucks across Europe and over the border into Ukraine. Without even thinking, I said yes. What began as just a way to get involved turned into a larger examination of empathy and what compels certain people to step wildly outside their comfort zones. Ultimately, this is a story about the intense human connections made between the Ukrainian soldiers fighting for their freedom and the international community who are helping them. Everywhere I went in Ukraine I was told again and again: ‘We are more afraid of disengagement from our allies in the West than we are of the Russian army.’ So, my main goal with this film is to keep the war in the forefront of the minds of people internationally.


Special Guest: Bobby Roth – will lead a discussion about filmmaking in a war torn country and using those skills to aid the effort.


Proceeds from this screening will benefit the people of Ukraine.



DIRECTOR(S): Bobby Roth
SCREENWRITER(S): Nick Roth & Bobby Roth
PRODUCER(S): Bobby Roth


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