SL Films Red Carpet Film Premiere Event

5pmGuests Arrive

5:30pm- 7pm: Red Carpet Pics/Meet and Greet

7pm: Intro Speech

7:10 pmLadyfinger: Paula Mitchum’s ordinary day gets turned upside down when a robbery attempt on her goes south after she fatally shoots the thief with an unlikely weapon, making her a viral sensation in mere minutes.

7:17pmUnderneath: Torn between her religion and sexual orientation, Derya tries to find her inner peace as a lesbian Muslim while going on a psychedelic trip.

7:40pm: Lost Treasure: When A Killer Recipe lives up to its name. You better get it on film.

7:48pmThe Man Favored by the Rainbow: A dad reads his daughter a bedtime story.

7:55pm: 15 min break for concessions, restroom, etc.

8:10pm: Cinnamon: “In this beautiful short film, two couples find their relationships hanging on a delicate thread of hope and reality. As they navigate the complexities of love and uncertainty, they are forced to confront the truths that could either strengthen or break their bonds. ‘Cinnamon’ is a poignant exploration of the fragility and hardship of relationships, capturing the intricacies of human emotions and the power of which love can truly be blind.”

8:17pm: That Night: A mobsters first hit doesn’t necessarily go as planned.

8:40pmThat’s Not Ketchup: An actor is forced to go method with his new role

8:47pm: The Sad Song of Lolita: Two siblings steal from a pawn shop, unaware of the irreversible consequences it will bring to their younger sister.

8:54pmSpartan: An embattled street brawler’s brief moment of victory is quickly overshadowed by an unraveling of his chaotic personal life.

9:05pm: The Road Less Traveled: Camille receives a message from a familiar face while she’s waiting for a train to take her to the airport.

9:10pm: Outro Speech.

9:30pm-11pm: Food is served. Music, food, fun. More red carpet pics.

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