In podunk Louisiana, Sue Parker (Willa Holland) manages the family bar, providing for her young brother and drunken father. Behind on their mortgage, the local bigwig, Jeb Roy (Dermot Mulroney), gives Sue 3 days to pay $30k or he takes the property. With no options, Sue catches a wanderer, Dion (Shane West), stealing from her regulars. An idea strikes, and a partnership is set. But robbing powerful people in a small town has deadly


DIRECTOR(S): Matthew Yerby
SCREENWRITER(S): Matthew Yerby
PRODUCER(S): Andrew Vogel, Suzann Toni Petrongolo, Matthew Yerby, Todd Slater
CAST: Willa Holland, Shane West, Wayne Péré, Dermot Mulroney, Andrew Vogel, Suzann Toni Petrongolo, Laura Cayouette, Gissette Valentin, Mike Manning, Caleb Quinney

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