Mickey Ferrera’s recording producing career is going down the tubes, his estranged wife wants a divorce and his son is struggling with the reality that he is gay, but Mickey is a warrior, so he’s about to get in the trenches and Trust in Love to keep his family together and maybe make one more good record.


Director: Mick Davis has worked in Hollywood for the last 30 years. Before moving to Los Angeles, at the advice of his friend Rod Stewart, Davis was the first-team fitness coach for his boyhood idols, Glasgow Celtic football club. His writing career started at age 18, when he wrote a thriller novel, young Kim. After moving to Hollywood, throughout the years, Davis has developed, written and directed stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Mickey Rourke, Al Pacino, Mel Gibson, Richard Harris, Geena Davis, Tim Allen, Wesley Snipes, Brittany Murphy, Jean-Claude van Damme, Amanda Plummer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sir Ian Holm, Samuel L. Jackson and Andy Garcia. Davis also worked on rewrites for the academy award nominated movie, Elizabeth, on behalf of director Shekhar Kapur. He also wrote the cult supernatural movie, the invisible. Mick also most recently directed the movie Walden which stars Emile Hirsch and is set to be released in theaters later this year through Lionsgate.


Special Guests: Mick Davis, Jimi Petulla, Inna Petulla


Sponsored by: Steven & Kim Naimoli



DIRECTOR(S): Mick Davis
PRODUCER(S): Jimi Petulla
CAST: imi Petulla, Natasha Willson, Sydney Bullock, Logan Arditty, Tim Hazelip, Miljenko Matijevic, Robby Krieger, Eric Roberts


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