This is the story of Max and Maria, two strangers who meet in a hotel in Northern Italy. With Venice just a train ride away, Maria convinces Max to spend a day with her in what she considers “the most romantic city in the world”.


What begins as a spontaneous trip becomes a playful tale of unforeseen love and the emotional ironies of contemporary adults.


Director: JUAN ZAPATA Colombian director and screenwriter currently based between Brazil and the United States. He studied direction and screenwriting at the EICTV in Cuba in 2001/2003. He was director of the State Institute of Cinema – RS in 2014/15. In Brazil he directed 5 documentaries for cinema, two TV series and two award-winning feature films: “Simone” (2013), which was commercially released in 6 countries, participated in 35 International festivals; and “Another Forever” (2016), commercially released in 8 countries and multi-awarded in places like Colombia and the USA. He is currently preparing to premiere the romantic comedy “When in Venice” (2021).. His films have participated in prestigious festivals like San Francisco, Trieste, Cannes (WIP), Cartagena, Guadalajara, Mar del Plata, Gramado, Torino, Geneva and Bogotá. His productions have been commercialized on channels such as NETFLIX, FOX, Nat Geo, among others.




DIRECTOR(S): Juan Zapata
SCREENWRITER(S): Juan Zapata, Peter Ketnath, Bellatrix Serra
PRODUCER(S): Douglas Limbach, Juan Zapata, Dael Linke
CAST: Peter Ketnath, Bellatrix Serra

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