Estíbaliz, a remarkable singer, and Paula, a contemporary flamenco dancer, are two young artists whose paths cross in Cadiz during a Christmas full of music, dance and love conflicts. In the end they must decide between Madrid or Cadiz: between pursuing their dreams or staying where they have family, roots and love.


Director: Pedro Loeb is an Argentine-German screenwriter, director and film professor. He is the screenwriter of FELICIDADES (Lucho Bender, 2000) and EL AMOR A LAS CUATRO DE LA TARDE (Sebastián Alfie, 2005), in both cases with Oscar selections. He also wrote GABOR (Sebastián Alfie, 2013), winning the Gaudí for Best Documentary and the Audience Award at the Malaga Film Festival, as well as the Best Film Award at Documentamadrid. He is the director of La factoría del guión, a renowned film school in Spain. As a director, he recently finished CADIZ – MADRIZ, his debut feature. He is currently preparing his next feature film,  VIAJE A ĺTACA.


DIRECTOR(S): Pedro Loeb
PRODUCER(S): Ana Figueroa, Jose Carmona, Pedro Loeb
CAST: Estibaliz Cabrales, Paula Quintana, Paco Selpuveda, Fernando Cueto


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