Thirty years into a loving, committed marriage, Lyle (Parnell) and Holly (Buono) begin to wonder if they played life too safe once she’s diagnosed with terminal cancer. As they both grapple with the fact that Holly has never been romantically involved with anyone other than her husband, the two decide to test the boundaries of love, and Holly is encouraged to explore intimacy with another man. After a flirtation arises between Holly and their charismatic rockstar neighbor Hoyt (Haysbert), this unconventional love triangle soon attracts Holly’s hilariously quirky best friend, Ethel (Douglas), and has surprising ramifications for the married couple’s rebellious Gen-Z daughter Greta (Shields). As they all navigate this uncharted romantic scenario, boundaries are blurred as love is put to the ultimate test.


Director: Rob is a Chapman University graduate, where he produced the first film by his peers, the Duffer Brothers, who went on to create Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. Per a scholarship, Rob was mentored by Oscar winner William Friedkin for a semester. Years later, Rob was awarded “Alumnus of the Year” by Chapman’s Dodge College.


Known for his resilience and passion, Rob has written, produced and/or directed a string of impressive ultra-low budget feature films in between being a single father to two fantastic young boys.


Guests: Rob Margolies, Michalina Scorzelli, Pete Dorton, Joe Grano

Sponsored by: Belinda Ulbrich



DIRECTOR(S): Rob Margolies
SCREENWRITER(S): Rob Margolies
PRODUCER(S): Rob Margolies, Joe Grano
CAST: Chris Parnell, Cara Buono, Dennis Haysbert, Illeana Douglas, Willow Shields


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