In the summer of 1982, 31 teenagers attempted a daunting coast-to-coast 3,600 mile bicycle journey across the United States. These “Spokesmen of America” riders set out to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and experienced a coming of age summer filled with intense challenges, humor, mishaps, personal discovery and tragedy. An ensemble cast tells this poignant and powerful story, encapsulating the era, the adventure and life itself.


Director: Paul is a filmmaker from Asheville, North Carolina with a love for passionate people. His credits include The Mystery of George Masa (2003), a biography about a mysterious Japanese photographer. The Great American Quilt Revival (2005) is a story of the resurgence of quilting as craft and art. The Day Carl Sandburg Died aired on PBS’ American Masters while also winning ‘Best Educational Film’ at the International Festival of Films on Art in Montreal. He wrote and directed America’s First Forest: Carl Schenck and the Asheville Experiment telling the story of how George Vanderbilt and others brought scientific forestry to America, helping to establish and influence the conservation movement globally.


Special Guests: Paul Bonesteel, Bobby Wells


Proceeds from this screening benefit The MS Society. 

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DIRECTOR(S): Paul Bonesteel
SCREENWRITER(S): Paul Bonesteel
PRODUCER(S): Paul Bonesteel, Amy Chase, Robin Turner
CAST: John Ballas, Judy Beaird, Craig Chiofalo, Scott Drinkard, Darleen Drumm, Rick Foster, Chris Herndon, Amy Hurka-Owen, Zack Lyon, Mike Miller, David Parham, John Patterson, George Rudisill, Peter Rumsey, Diane Struble, Michael Uhrich, Valerie Groesbeck, Bobby Wells, Craig Wolfe, Randall Wulff, Sam Brooks, Peter Josselyn, Pam Yount


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