WITHOUT PRECEDENT: The Supreme Life of Rosalie Abella

A reception precedes the screening, Monday, November 6 at Savor Cinema. FREE with ticket.


An account of the life and career of Rosalie Abella, a former member of the Supreme Court of Canada, who immigrated to Canada as a child after her parents survived the Holocaust.


What may appear on the surface as a rather dry documentary, is anything but.  Rosalie Abela is Canada’s Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  A maverick always championing the neglected, underserved people, of any color, race or creed.  Aside from her judicial chops, Abela is a hoot.  Funny, self-deprecating with a twinkle in her eye, a completely entertaining interview.


The film has terrific archival footage from the 1930s forward.  Details of her parents in the camps are riveting.  Other everyday footage from life in the 1960s, makes that decade of unrest seem so much simpler than today’s confrontations.


Director: Avrich was born in Montreal, Canada. Avrich has become an acclaimed documentary filmmaker responsible for films on some of the most controversial and popular icons in modern history. Avrich has also produced and directed successful stage to screen adaptations of theatrical productions and live shows. Avrich founded Melbar Entertainment Group which is one of the largest creators of non-scripted entertainment in the world. Avrich published his best selling memoir; “Moguls, Monsters and Madmen (Amazon) in 2016.


Special Guest: Justice Rosalie Abella


Sponsored by: Estelle Fineberg & Estelle Fineberg Counseling



DIRECTOR(S): Barry Avrich
PRODUCER(S): Barry Avrick, Mark Selby
CAST: Rosalie Abela, Margaret Atwood, Joe Clark, Bernie Farber, Adam Gopnik, Andromache Karakatsanis, Martha Minow, Brian Mulroney


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