A seemingly simple taxi ride across Paris evolves into a profound meditation on the realities of the driver, whose personal life is in shambles, and his fare, an elderly woman whose warmth belies her shocking past.

Irresistibly cast with exceptional veteran stars who each grab the heart and never let go.  This quintessential French film may surprise you with its sheer grit. Yes, it is a road trip where the gorgeously shot City of Lights is undeniably the third major star in it, but the story, from a screenplay by Cyril Gely and adaptation by director Christian Carion, goes places I never expected.  – Deadline 



DIRECTOR(S): Christian Carion
SCREENWRITER(S): Christian Carion, Cyril Gely
PRODUCER(S): Laurent Bruneteau
CAST: Line Renaud, Dany Boon, Alice Isaaz, Gwendoline Hamon, Hadriel Roure, Elie Kaempfen

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