“La Chimera” plays like a magical realism version of the classic one-last-heist movie.  

The core of it ultimately may reveal itself to be somewhat familiar: Newly released from prison for his crimes, a thief returns home to pull off the big job that will finally make him and his friends rich. But through the dreamlike lens of Italian writer-director Alice Rohrwacher, “La Chimera” takes an unhurried and unpredictable path to get there. The road to its destination is full of eccentric characters and languid conversations, bits of overlapping dialogue, a song here or a parade there.  

Josh O’Connor (Emmy & Golden Globe winner for his performance as Prince Charles) actually learned Italian for the role.  He still speaks English, but the amount of Italian he interjects is amazing!  Isabella Rossellini hasn’t had a role this charming in years.  Still magnificently beautiful and effervescent. 

Come put some magic in your life with Josh, Isabella and a menagerie of strange characters, playing daily at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood


DIRECTOR(S): Alice Rohrwacher
SCREENWRITER(S): Alice Rohrwacher
PRODUCER(S): Pierre-François Piet
CAST: Josh O’Connor, Carol Duarte, Alba Rohrwacher, Isabella Rossellini, Vincenzo Nemolato, Lou Roy-Lecollinet

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